Reliable Tips to Make Money with Treasure Trooper

Reliable Tips to Make Money with Treasure Trooper Treasure Trooper is a free service that gives you various money making opportunities. It allows you to make money by filling forms, completing surveys and offers, referring friends and much more! All you have to do is follow some basic sign up steps and start making money! Here we are sharing some reliable tips to make money with Treasure Trooper. Follow these tips and add some extra cash to your earnings.

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Create Several Email Addresses

Creating different email addresses for your surveying work is the key to success. At Treasure Trooper, almost all of the offers ask for email address. This is probably because they get your details to contact you for further surveys or sell your email address to a third party. Either way, it is beneficial for you. You make 4-5 accounts and keep rolling until you have done quite a lot of surveys with them. Then again, change your email address.

Refer your Friends at Treasure Trooper

Treasure Trooper

Referring your friends at Treasure Trooper is a great chance of making some more money. By referring each friend, you get 20% of all their earnings throughout your lifetime. If your friends refer anyone then you will also get a 5%commission over it. What else do you want?

Clear Cookies between Offers

Clearing your cookies is another essential thing that you must do before going for a survey of the company you have worked with recently. Use tools such as CCleaner to keep your system clean from your completed surveys and offers. There are some companies which track down your cookies just to check whether you have worked with them or not. If they find any traces, they won’t let you do another one soon.

Change your IP Address

While working with survey sites, there comes a time when your offers are not being approved. That happens when you have done quite a lot of surveys in a small amount of time even with different accounts. Some of the companies block your IP and stop you from doing any more surveys. To overcome this, you can go for changing your IP address after sometime.

Different Group Different Email Address

Make Money with Treasure Trooper

You must keep separate accounts for offers of the same groups. While you can use that same account for offers of some other group. If you use same account for the same group, it is most probable that your offer won’t be accepted at Treasure Trooper.

Choose Wisely

Whenever you come across any offer, it is better o first analyze it quickly then go for it. Don’t just rush into things. Make sure whether it is worth the effort or not. If it’s not, then leave it. There are so many offers and surveys that you won’t regret leaving any one!

Treasure Trooper is not doubt an excellent way of making money. Share your views.

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